Babawiin Ko ang La͏h͏a͏t May 21 2021

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Story line

Babawiin Ko Ang Lahat tells the story of a young woman, Iris, whose perfect life is upended with the return of her father\'s original family. Born in comfort, Iris was raised like a princess, beloved by parents who would do anything and everything to protect her—including from their own past. Unbeknownst to Iris, her father Victor already had a family prior to meeting her mother Christine. Victor lived with a woman named Dulce who bore him two children, Joel and Trina, before whisking them away to Japan after marrying a Yakuza-like businessman. That was when Christine came in, showed Victor kindness, and mended the broken heart Dulce left him with. Fast forward to the present time and Dulce is back in the Philippines—with a lot of financial problems. Using Victor\'s longing for his first children, she worms her family\'s way back into Victor\'s life; endearing themselves to Iris when our young protagonist loses her mother in what was said to be an accident. But as Dulce grows more comfortable in the life Victor is providing her, she realizes that Iris is now an obstacle to the permanence of her family\'s comfort—so she begins to scheme, with the help of her children, to get rid of Iris for good. Dulce, Joel, and Trina begin to take everything Iris holds dear in her life away from her: the young man she is interested in, the wealth that is rightfully hers...and the father she loves. As Iris loses everything, she must shed her innocence and learn how to fight against her own half-blood relations to regain the most important thing in her life: her family.

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