10 heated arguments of Carlos and Leona in “Dirty Linen”

We’ve seen all sorts of quarrels in the Fiero mansion – from sibling fights to couple and parent-child arguments. And they turn out to be some of the most thrilling events in the series. The suspense of not knowing what the character can actually say, hoping they accidentally let slip some secrets in the heat of anger keeps us on the edge of our seats.

In this edition of Kapamilya Toplist, we put the spotlight on Carlos (John Arcilla) and Leona (Janice de Belen). As secrets and betrayal creep into their marriage, they have turned from lovers to mortal enemies. 

Check out their intense confrontations in this video.

The two have been keeping secrets from each other, like the fact that Leona is having an illicit affair. Her repeated suspicious activities forced him to turn his spy mode on, and in one instance, he caught her secretly meeting with Hector (Ping Medina).

He confronted her about it, but only to get his ego wounded even more by Leona’s reaction. She seemed annoyed with the sudden bouts of jealousy, which, surprisingly, made Carlos frustrated. We knew, however, he just feared his sense of superiority would crush down.

When he couldn’t seem to take down his rival, Carlos reminded his wife who he is and what hell awaits those who betray him, leading to that controversial marital rape scene. The funny thing is that he tried to confirm his hunches through Olga (Andrea del Rosario), Leona’s secret lover. But every time he does, Olga would come up with sharp excuses. That’s why he was dumbfounded and infuriated when he learned that she is the person he’s been playing cat and mouse with all along.

His reaction to Leona and Olga’s relationship spoke of the highest level of resentment. He laughed it off to save himself from humiliation. But, he couldn’t deny that it was a major offense to his bloated ego. The quarrel was nearly deadly. We were scared for Olga and Leona’s lives knowing what Carlos is capable of doing. Didn’t he say he would kill his wife’s lover? Well, Carlos walks the talk. So, when vows to kill, he will do it.

“Hindi ka makukuha sa akin ng kahit na sino. Babalikan at babalikan kita. Aagawin kita pabalik sa akin, sinasabi ko sa’yo,” he warned Leona, as the latter packed her things. She walked out of the room unfazed, forcing Carlos to play dirty by making Olga believe that she got stood up by Leona again. Should the latter make a wrong move, Carlos wouldn’t think twice about ordering his assassin to shoot Olga to death. Leona said that they had a deal, but to Carlos, the only deal is the vow they made at the altar.

The couple has been at each other’s throats since, even until Carlos’ fake death and reappearance. Besides infidelity, they argue a lot about business, such as in that scene where he condemned her foolish decision to pair up with the Madrigales clan.

As we said, confrontations often lead to shocking revelations as the characters fail to control their tongue in the heat of anger. In a scene, Leona almost spilled Chiara (Francine Diaz)’s identity, hinting that Chiara should’ve just died in a still undisclosed incident. Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo) tried to meddle, but only to be blamed for their family’s mess and for his decision to marry Mila (Janine Gutierrez).

In the succeeding sequence, Carlos confronted Leona and instilled in her that Chiara is their daughter, and their deal to keep their family intact in exchange for Olga’s life.

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